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Who Knew...Kesia Alberto

Who Knew...Kesia Alberto

11 Jul 2019

As Chief Liaison Officer, Head of First Impressions and Professor of People Movements (all in one) Kesia Alberto is the name everyone wants to know!

By day: Resource Manager, Changeworks Consulting

The stand out: Her cheerful, warm, buoyant, engaging style.

Spare time: Juggles multiple schedules for 3 children – plus numerous other children, who never seem to leave.

In summary: She’s the centre of our Changeworks universe, and after 2 years with us, we’re surprised she still has a full head of hair!  Here’s what she shared, in 50 seconds. (That’s all she had!)

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1: Why you do what you do…I love getting to know consultants, helping them find the right opportunity – and filling client needs.

2: How you got into this game…. A colleague said “You’d be good at recruiting. There’s someone you should meet”. And the rest is history…..

3: Tips for how you ‘keep your cool’…. stay positive, don’t panic and walk. It clears my head.

4: If you had your time again… Interior design.

5: Day to day, what consumes your time?... Phone calls. I love the hustle and bustle of trying to source the right candidate.

6: Definition of a good day... When a consultant and client are a perfect match!

7: If you could live anywhere in the world – for a year? ...Spain

8: Who you’d invite for dinner...Michelle Obama and Joanna Gaines (Fixer Upper)

9: Proudest moment...When each of my 3 kids were born.

10: Favourite holiday spot...Byron Bay


If you’re a change, communications or training specialist and like to connect with our Resource Manager, you can reach Kesia via