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Making change real at Melbourne Uni

Making change real at Melbourne Uni

29 Aug 2019

Finding a way to expose university students to real life change management challenges in a lecture theatre setting isn’t easy. Particularly when they come from diverse backgrounds such as Management & Marketing, Engineering, Architecture and Humanities!

University of Melbourne’s Dr Paul Finn (Department of Management & Marketing) realised the value of ‘making it real’ for his Masters level students studying a subject on Change Management. As such, his brief involved providing practical cases to illustrate our approach to change management in a way which resonated with the wide variety of students in the room.

With reflections of our client challenges in mind, Associate Director Cindy Wong developed a mock client and case study to provide the large group with the opportunity to ponder and plan potential change and communication interventions. The session involved understanding the challenges we face with stakeholder management, communication and engagement, business readiness and training.  We were impressed with the brainstorming from the group and their recommendations.

We would like to thank Dr Paul Finn and the University of Melbourne for the invitation, as well as the Masters students who attended.  It’s fabulous to see such a diverse range of faculties – and talents – pursuing interests in the change field.