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'Leading Through Change' skills for VincentCare

'Leading Through Change' skills for VincentCare

26 Feb 2019

Providing ‘Leading Through Change’ skills to VincentCare’s leaders gave us more than a glimpse of their change journey ahead…

We also gained an understanding of the type of difficulties they face, 24/7, providing tireless support to the homeless and underprivileged.  Interestingly, VincentCare has formed a Client Advisory Committee, who give them a first-hand, client perspective on homelessness and related issues. The Committee comprises of those who have sought VincentCare’s help in the past – former and current clients.  These accounts and experiences assist with decision making at the organisation. 

In fact, the new Ozanam Community Centre involved a lot of consultation with the Committee. Situated in inner Melbourne, the centre provides support for men and women “…who are experiencing, or are at risk of homelessness, and/or socially excluded”.  This ‘drop in facility’ provides numerous options to assist those in need with regard to meals, showers, housing information, access to alcohol or drug clinicians, women’s programs, etc.

VincentCare’s valued work is made possible by their own dedicated and talented team, and supplemented by a number of volunteers from corporate organisations and school groups.  Volunteers assist with provision of meals, social activities, supported employment and corporate services.  There are a number of ways you can contribute to support this worthwhile cause and all that it provides for the underprivileged, night and day.  Read more…